You show up for MARS each week and we want to say thanks!!

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It can't be said enough, we appreciate all the ways in which you show up for MARS each week. Posting your memories, sharing your merch and reading this newsletter- we see it all and we want to show our thanks. 

Each week we're going to send a little gift to someone who's participated in some way with the Transmission. 

It could be from a number of things: posted on one of our hashtags, voted in a poll, submitted your #marsart, entered the Echelon Q&A, sent Shannon your #thankfulthursday, etc. 

The ways to enter may change, the gifts may change but our gratitude never will πŸ™πŸ»

Provehito in Altum,

Thirty Seconds to Mars


One of our favorite entries of #marsart this week was brought to us by @annkaharlam. Make sure to check your DM's for a special treat 🀘🏼

All you artists, keep tagging us so we can keep finding you:

Instagram: @30secondstomars and #marsart 

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We added more signed vinyl to THE MARS STORE this week but they're going fast. This is officially your last chance- there's only a handful left!!

Please note: all vinyl orders that were placed after November 25 will ship out in April.

Name: Lynne S.

Country: United States 

Who is the most influential person in your life? Tell us about them. My sister Stacy. She is such a smart and kind person who gives so much to everybody. She teaches me to be more kind, more patient. When we were in a foster home together and scared of the situation we were facing, she was taking care of me even then at the age of 5. She’s always had my back. We’ve been through so much and seen so much at such a young age. She’s still the best big sister I could ever ask for in this life.

Do you have a pet? Tell us about your fur baby! Johnny!! He’s 13. He’s my little old man that I adore. He’s a poodle mix that I rescued 9 years ago. He’s changed my life for the better, for sure! He’s loving and oh so smart! 

What’s your favorite piece of MARS merch and why? All my concert tees!! They’re memories of every show I’ve been to!! I’ll keep them forever! 

Is there a business you love that is making a difference or a non-profit organization you want others to know about? Tobie's Small Dog Rescue. These 2 ladies started this rescue to find well deserved homes to these pups. Their hearts are truly in it for the love of the animals and not for money. 

Make sure to fill out the questionnaire below along with a photo and we'll reach out if your submission is chosen. 

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I'm psyched to be working on a new project and can't wait to share. Thanks to those behind the scenes who are bringing my idea to life πŸ™πŸ»

- Shannon

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