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We owe it to ourselves to live our truest lives. Thirty Seconds to Mars has always been a place for us to be ourselves and to show who we really are.

Normally our summers would be spent playing festivals and touring across the US and Europe. The travel can be relentless - planes, buses and automobiles - but it’s also a magical thing to be able to do. Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, Lollapalooza, Pukkel Pop, Sziget, Download, Pink Pop, Rock in Rio… it is as strange for us to be at home as I’m sure it is for you all to not go to shows.

We would love to get back to doing more of the intimate shows like Church of Mars.

When will you feel ready to go to shows again?

I've been dreaming of things yet to come

Living, learning, watching, burning

Eyes on the sun

Provehito in Altum,

Thirty Seconds to Mars


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Name: Kudzaishe T.

Country: United Kingdom

What would you recommend doing if someone came to visit your home town? We have a very quirky theme park called Wicksteed Park on the outskirts of Kettering. It is such a hidden gem for such a small place as it's what puts us on the proverbial map.

Can you tell us about the best MARS concert you went to? Seeing the band at the London O2 after my first meet and greet. It felt so surreal to think I had just been in a room with them and then here they were being unbelievable rockstars merely hours later. I felt like I dreamt the entire thing. It was the first concert I braved alone, but I never once felt on my own being amongst the echelon shouting no no no no back at Jared during Closer to the Edge. 

Is there a business you love that is making a difference or a non-profit organization you want others to know about? CoppaFeel! is a young charity founded by the powerhouse that is Kris Hallenga. It specialises in teaching young adults about breast cancer and how to check your boobs. It is a charity that aims to empower, educate and encourage the young to know their bodies so they can stand up for themselves when push comes to shove. I learned about their work when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was so blindsided by my lack of knowledge and CoppaFeel! was one of my learning tools.

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Thankful for the fireflies appearing on hot summer nights.

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- Shannon

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